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Lovegreece™ is here to change everything we know about souvenirs. To end, once and for all, all those impulse buys from souvenir-shops that stay forgotten in the back of the closet.

That’s why we re-designed the classic Greek souvenir T-shirt with style, vision and the finest Greek cotton we could find.

The Lovegreece™ T-shirt will be there to keep us company summer after summer. To throw on effortlessly each day and feel Greek summer on our skin. To wear until love wears it out.

Lovegreece™ is not about ancient Greece or the usual Greek stereotypes, not about cliché images you’re tired of seeing. It’s not about trendiness or hipsterism.

It’s about timeless and effortless Greek Chic.

Photo by Panos Mouzakitis


Photo by Anna Zinchenko


Photo by Amalia Serafeimaki