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Greek cotton shares the same History with Greek olive oil. Up until recent years, Greek olive oil producers were not crafty or worldly enough to create their own olive oil brands and used to send their unbranded liquid gold to Italy, where it was bottled and sold as Italian premium extra virgin olive oil.

Greece holds the 10th place in cotton farming and production around the world. Greek cotton is of the finest quality but up to 80% of it is exported each year mostly to Turkey, where it is mixed with other cotton fibers and loses its identity.

Fabric and clothing manufacturers in Greece use cotton from Egypt, Turkey and India, and label them “Made in Greece”. Even T-shirts imported from Bangladesh but stamped and printed here, end up with the “Made in Greece” label.

Lovegreece™ strives to change all that or at least mark a new beginning in the trade. We believe that all the fine Greek raw materials should not leave the country but be utilized here by new innovative and competitive brands of international appeal, which will add value to the Greek economy.

First stop: Greek cotton. In due time, we aim to introduce other materials to the brand, and re-invent other forgotten crafts and small industry sectors.

Because “Made in Greece” is more than just a claim. It is a cause. Our cause.