Lovegreece Gabardine Tote Bag



The Lovegreece Gabardine Tote Bag is your daily lightweight but sturdy shopping bag. Forget about all the usual totes, Lovegreece puts the vivid colour of unique gabagardie textiles in your daily routine. From strolling, to shopping, to travelling and going to the beach one thing is sure, you’ll never leave home without your Lovegreece bCabardine Tote Bag on your shoulder. Made to last, most of the textiles we use are still made in small factories all around Greece. At the final stage the Lovegreece Gabardine Tote Bag is hand crafted in Attica. Made with Love, your bag is a proof of Greek Quality. Lovegreece actively supports Greek Agriculture and Industry and promotes the Love for Greece.

– Made from lightweight gabardine textile
– 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
– Wide 43 cm / Tall 35 cm / Deep 11 cm
– Silkscreen Printing

Every Lovegreece product is Made in Greece and Made with Love. Wear it with Pride.